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Bath Toys, 8 Pcs Light Up Floating Rubber animal Toys set, Flashing Color Changing Light in Water, CHIMAGER Baby Infants Kids Toddler Child Preschool Bathtub Bathroom Shower Games Swimming Pool Party

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Bath Toys, 8 Pcs Light Up Floating Rubber animal Toys set, Flashing Color Changing Light in Water, CHIMAGER Baby Infants Kids Toddler Child Preschool Bathtub Bathroom Shower Games Swimming Pool Party

including 8 different style animal, Batteries are included and installed.
Battery life normally over 3 months and up. (depending on use)

If one of the product doesn't work, you can contact us and replace a new one for free. It is possible that the product in transit cause some part not to work. This is a normal situation,and rarely happens.Never mind, We have slove the problem, The Battery is very long life, You will receive the perfect products

Your satisfaction is our pursuit! We Offer 1-year free replacement GUARANTEE!!

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  • Bath toy, can light up automatically when you put them in the water. Flashing brightly and slowly that your kids loves to playing with them during bath time
  • Pool toy, including 8 different style animal, Batteries are included and installed. Battery life normally over 3 months and up. (depending on use)
  • Fun floating characters - Each waterproof rubber animal floats in any type of water, great for bathtubs, fish tank or swimming pools
  • Using this tub toy you can make your child kid boys and girl have fun by himself in a bathroom while you're enjoying time for yourself.
  • Perfect size toy for babies Infants Toddler little hands to hold; 6 Months, Great for bath party favors, gift, learning education or improve coordination imaginative skills

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ValeforToy Ocean Sea Animal,18 Pack Rubber Bath Toy Set,Food Grade Material TPR Super Stretchy, Some Kinds Can Change Colour, Squishy Floating Bathtub Toy Figure Party,Realistic Shark Octopus Fish

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Materal:100 food grade safe material(TPRFoam)
Color: Assorted ocean sea animal
With environmental changes,having ability to change color
Mini ocean sea animal figure Size:about 2.5-4.5 inch

Material :TPR(medical-grade rubber), which has good flexibility, abrasion-resistance, and can contact directly with human skin, has been used widely in medical, toy,baby products.

This high-quality material is nontoxic and pollution-free, meeting the requirements of environmental protection and resource recovery.

Wrapped by gift bag-highly recommended for children above three years old. 18 Pack ocean sea animal waterproof,chewable,floating,can play in bathtub,recommended for children above three years old. Suitable as gift-award and teaching resource, also highly recommended for children above three years old. Lifelike-provides a more intense sense of animal skin to the customer
The latest medical material (TPR)-it is safer than any other similar product sold on Amazon
Better ductility that can be scratched till ten times over its original shape. This feature can protect children from getting hurt while whamming heavily.

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  • Bath toy:soft touch,waterproof,floating,the best bathtub toy for children
  • Rubber sea animal:kids love to bend,squish,stretch this fun ocean animal!
  • Ocean animal figure :smelless,Eco-friendly,chewable,let children grow up happily and healthily
  • Realistic ocean animal: 2.5 - 4.5 inch per one,Some kinds have the ability to change the color
  • 18 different kinds of ocean sea animal will be randomly selected from image shown,Maybe including Shark Octopus Puffer Devil fish figure

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Set of 2 Bath Light-up Toy Safe Waterproof Color Changing Sensory Game for Fun Bubble Bathtime for Girl Boy Baby Toddler Infant Developing Educational Anti-Stress Game for Siblings.

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Enjoy having free time when your kid is playing with this all-new cool Set of 2 BubblyBall Light-up Waterproof Bath LED Toy, available now on Amazon!

Set of 2 fun bath toy for kids is manufactured from durable and waterproof materials. Your kid can lick it and it won't harm him because made of ECO-materials.

This 2 toddler bath toys can be used not only in a bath but also in the crib/in a swimming pool/on a trip. It doesn't need a lot of space so you can take it everywhere with you.

If you're tired to entertain your kid during bathing time, this problem is solved once and forever with this amazing set of 2 elegant baby bath toys.

Hand toys for toddlers don't drown, so you can be sure your kid won't lose it while playing.

This set of 2 bathing toys is 100 brand new and high quality product. Perfect size for kids hands. Durable and non-toxic materials. These swimming pool toys for toddlers are suitable for kids 1-7 years old.

Unusual design and lightweight. You can decorate your bathroom or kid's room with it. LED lights will make the room a bit interesting and cuter. Water toys will become the best friends of your little boy or girl.

Purchasing Set of 2 BubblyBall LED Bath Toys for Kids you can be sure it is:

Fun and entertaining
Shines with all 7 colors of the rainbow
Has 3 different LED lighting modes
Super-easy to use, because has only 1 button
Made from high-quality components, has solid construction
Develop motor skills
Education toy - your baby learns new words - colors, shapes, actions

Turn bathing for kid into a colorful show with this brand-new Set of 2 BubblyBall Light-up Waterproof Bath LED Toys, available now on Amazon! Order now and get the best price from our store!

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  • 🐫 SET OF 2 COOL BATH TOYS. BubblyBall brand presenting you amazing set of 2 waterproof bathtub toys for toddlers. Perfect gift for 1-7 years old kids.
  • 🐫 MADE OF ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS. BubblyBall strictly control that every waterproof toy for toddlers is manufactured from durable ECO-materials, 100 safe for kids.
  • 🐫 BOTH FUN AND EDUCATIONAL. When your kid play with this set of 2 bath toys, he learn new things (colors, shapes, actions) plus develop motor skills
  • 🐫 TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. While kid is playing with 2 light up waterproof bath toys you can have a few precious hours for yourself
  • 🐫 PLAY AT HOME OR OUTSIDE. Take 2 LED lighting toys with yoo so your kid can play in the bathroom/in the crib/in a swimming pool/on a trip. Bathing party toys are super easy to use because have only 1 button. Kid just press it and enjoy his bathing time!

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Fajiabao Bath Toys for Kids Bathtub Fun Toys Fishing Game with Cute Spotted Fish and Fishing Rod, Toy Ideal Gift for Toddlers Boys Girls Kids Children Set of 2Color Random

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Why the fishing hook is no magnet?
We always focus on the product safety.The coating on the magnetic hook will fall off after soaking in water for a long time.We do not sell these kind of products. We care about the product safety so much.


The fish will float at leisure on the water, which will need kids' patience to finish it, so it needs the instruction of adult. It is a creative way to encourage coordination and motor skills and build up kids' patience.

The bottom of fish is sealed construction avoiding water flowing into the interior. It protects the fish from sinking.

This fun bath fish set make kids enjoy keep young children entertained during bath time.

Remove all the package before giving it to your kids and remove toys from bath after play.

Best gift for kids,suitable for many different occasions such as bath time, gift occasions, office desk toy or display purposes.

Suitable for children over 18 months.

Material: plastic and rubber. Rubber fish X 6, fishing rod X 2. Color vary, Random Delivery.

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  • 🐟Colorful Bath tub Toy: Cute spotted fish float above the water. Each fish is in different colors (Colors Random) with cute and friendly faces. And parents can teach toddlers to identify different colors and enjoy the harmonious family atmosphere.
  • 🐠Challenging Bath Fishing Game: The fish hook similar to real one and the large ring on the top of the fish make babies fishing more challenging. Kids can have a race of who could pick the fish up the fastest and most.
  • 🐟Water Toy for Toddler:The string is not long and babies will not get wrapped. And no magnet design can prevent the the risk of the magnet falling off after repeated exposure to water. No small parts, safe for children.
  • 🐠Great for Learning: These bathing toy fish are one of the great tools for kids to cultivates the hand- eye coordination, body balance and color identification when the babies playing the fishing game at the bathtub, do well in the kids' early development.
  • 🐟Safe and Easy Clean Water Toy: These bath toys are made by ASTM approved non-toxic and durable silicone, sealed construction of the bottom which prevent water flowing into the interior. Easy to dry and the mould and mildew will not grow inside. Ideal gift for infant in birthday, Christmas and so on.

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Bath Toy Organizer -The Original Tub Cubby - Large 14x20 Quick Dry Bathtub Mesh Net - Massive Baby Toy Storage Bin 3 Soap Pockets - New 3M Stickers and 4 Suction Hooks

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Organizing the Tub Cubby Way - Look Mom I can Clean Up All By Myself!
Never have to ask your child to clean up their bath toys with this fun organizer. They will want to do it all by themselves! Great for organizing all of your child's bath toys, but it also has many other uses and can be used everywhere including your closet, car and is great for travel. Pre-pack your child's bath toys and shampoo or your makeup and toiletries.

The Tub Cubby is a perfect size measuring 13 x 18 inches with new designer scalloped suction cups to add a little style to your home décor
The four pockets allow you to store bath toys like Alphabet letters and squirting tub toys like our Tub Bubbies in the large bath toy bin pocket. The three upper bath caddy pockets can store soap and smaller toys.

NEW FOR 2017 Some walls are too porous for suction cups so we invented special double sided adhesive discs to stick your hooks to any wall.

Makes a great baby shower gift!

Why order our Tub Cubby Bath Toy Organizer?
The Tub Cubby has 4 pockets to reach the ultimate in organizing potential, 4 Heavy Duty Lock Suction Cups, High Quality Netting that will hold pounds of toys and now 3M Adhesive Discs for porous walls. The mold free mesh net is like a hammock for toys, soaps, shampoos, brushes etc.
Try the Tub Cubby Bath Toy Organizer Today Risk Free with Our Money Back Satisfaction
*Order your today to make sure your bathroom gets the organization it deserves! :)

Please note

Then flip the hook down to engage suction.

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  • KIDS LOVE TO ORGANIZE BATH TOYS - Both Boys & Girls love to play the scoop up game and put their small bathtub toys into the big basket. NOTE TOYS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE ORIGINAL.
  • UNLIKE OTHER FLIMSY BATHTUB TOY BINS -that rip and fall apart, the Tub Cubby's quick dry mold resistant mesh net is double stitched and guaranteed for life.
  • 1000 5-STAR VERIFIED REVIEWS - All agree it's nearly impossible to pull our Lock Tight Suction Hooks off smooth walls, but if you have textured walls our 3M Stickers are guaranteed to stay up!
  • MOM & DAD LOVE THE EXTRA HOOKS -for hanging the kids washcloths and organic toys. The white mesh net bag easily mounts to any wall or tucks into a corner for maximum storage. Like a toy hammock, the air circulates through the basket keeping your kids toys nice and dry. Big kids like hanging the Tub Cubby on a hanger like a shower caddy, in their RVs, boats and laundry rooms to stay organized.
  • 100 LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Because we're parents too we designed and tested the Tub Cubby on our kids first. We expect the best and want the same for you. To resolve any issue you have simply contact [email protected] TubCubby and we'll take good care of you. AUTHENTIC TUB CUBBY PRODUCTS ARE ONLY SOLD BY TUB CUBBY A VARELA COMPANY - FULFILLED BY AMAZON

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CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Toys Game Set for Kids Bathtime Pool Party with Pole Rod Net, Plastic Floating Fish - Toddler Education Teaching and Learning of all Size Colors Ocean Sea Animals 3 year olds

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🐟🐟 Bring Ocean Animals to Kids! 🐟🐟

🐟 Customer Shared Video

🐟 Customer Service Contact
 [email protected]
(Reply in less than 1- 8 hours Free replacement for product defective) 

🐟 Why CozyBomB?
Designed by The Hong Kong Designer Group
We use the best durable pole model and large fish type
Safety ensured (Certified with ASTM and CPC) 
Strong customer support 

🐟 ComBo Included
Green Draw-String Bag x 1 
Game Instruction Card x 1
Fish/Marine Organism x 30
Fishing Net x 2
Collapsible fishing pole x 2

🐟 Extra poles

🐟 Features
- The color and kinds of fishes/marine organism may vary but rarely duplicated. 
- Do not try to collect all kinds of animals as we will keep adding more species!

👶 Care Instructions 
- Wash the toy set before giving to the kids 
- Fishes are made by medium-strength durable plastic which is not for the baby bit 
- Small parts included. Playing under parent instruction 

👶 Warranty and Guarantee
- Under industrial-standardized quality control, defective rate is minimized, yet still possible
- Contact us for replacement or money back if defectiveness is found on the day of arrival

👶 Our Vision
Kids excitement and imagination are our best motivation. We believe that love and surprise can be spread via this fishing combo. We are committed to investing at least 1 of revenue to non-profit programs in developing countries, to help kids there with no toys to play with.

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  • 🐟PERFECT LEARNING COMBOContain various sizes, more than 10 colors and 30 kinds of toy fishes animals
  • 🐟ALL-ROUND EDUCATIONGood for hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, interpersonal skills and also math for 3 to 6 year-old boys and girls
  • 🐟MULTI-PLAYER GAMEDesigned for kids vs kids or parent vs kids interaction and competition. Let's go fishing and role pretend play carnival together! Game instruction and rules are included. Nice Christmas Gift for kids!
  • 🐟DURABLE POLESThe best rod model with solid plastic and anti-corrosion strong magnets selected
  • 🐟100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEERisk-free trial! Full refund within 30 days. Buy with confidence as this fishing game is kids' must-have grow-up buddy

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3 Bees & Me Bath Toys for Boys and Girls - Magnet Boat Set for Toddlers & Kids - Fun & Educational

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Fun & Safe Bath Toys for Boys and Girls - Babies, Toddlers and Older Kids

Made with environmentally friendly bpa free materials, this fun toy playset comes with four twin boats that float. The order of colors may vary but each boat has a magnet that hooks to the next boat in line with numbers 1 2 3 and 4. Safe for kids 18 months and up these are top toys for boys and girls and make a great gift!

These popular bath toys for toddlers were issued a US government patent and offer a fun, educational way to learn about colors and shapes, as well as help enhance motor skill development and encourage imagination and creativity.

Perfect Size for Little Hands

Their small, round designs are easy to grip and free of sharp edges, which make them fun to play with for kids of all ages - from 2 year old toddlers to 3 and 4 years old pre school to kindergarten and older children who like to play in the bath tub. And because they're made with such durability, kids can enjoy these best seller girls and boys toys for years to come.

Play Time Is All the Time

Whether they drive 'em, fly 'em or dunk 'em, these girl and boy toys are ready for action! Kids can take them from the water to dry land to water table and back again without skipping a beat. These versatile toys can go just about everywhere your kids' imaginations can take them. And because they're waterproof, you don't have to worry about breakage or deterioration when wet.

Treat your child to an exciting new collection of bath toys and get 4 toys for the price of one! These 3Bees and Me toys make great birthday gifts, Easter presents and Christmas stocking stuffers too!

Order this special, high-quality, 4 pack of preschool toys for boys and girls today. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

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  • BEST VALUE - Why pay extra for separate toddler bath toys when you can get this most popular 4 boats in 1 playset deal today?
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - bathtime toys kids will play with and love you for! For every preschool boy or girl
  • SAFE FOR KIDS & THE ENVIRONMENT - certified BPA free, phthalate free and lead free and built to last!
  • EDUCATIONAL - Fun new way to learn about colors and numbers; enhances motor skills and imagination
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Order today. All 3 Bees and Me toys are 100 Risk Free. 60 Day Return. We stand behind our bathtub toys!

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3 Bees & Me Bath Toy Basketball Hoop & Balls Set for Boys and Girls - Kid & Toddler Bath Toys Gift Set

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Best Toys for Toddlers and Kids

Looking for a great birthday gift, Christmas present or 'just because' toy for a boy or girl in your life? Want to give them a fun indoor toy they will play with again and again? This bath basketball hoop with net and 3 ball toys set is for you!

Well-made and durable, this popular bath toy basketball game for kids is just the right size to encourage your little basketball star to develop his or her skills along with hand eye coordination - and makes bathtime fun! Whether you are looking for age 2 year old toys - baby toddler boy toys (or bath toys for girls!) - 3 year old toys, or presents for 4 or 5 year olds this junior basketball goal and three ball toy set is the best bath toy for you!

Awesome Value Provides Hours of Fun - Kids Love It
Most kid and toddler basketball toys stick on the wall with suction cups that fall off when hit and aren't fun for anyone, our patent pending SecureStay design slides onto the bath faucet and stays secure. No matter how much kids pull on it or the ball hits it this hoop only comes off when YOU want it off!!

That's not all. It also comes in a nice colorful box that will make your gift look much more expensive than it is. It is a gift you will feel good about giving and kids will be eager to open and play with.

Parents Love It Too

Made of high quality BPA Free products this bath tub toy is easy to clean and easy to set up. Unlike toys that require hours to put together our girl and boy basketball toy is ready for playing games right out of the box - just slide the hoop on the faucet, tighten the velcro straps and it's ready for your child to shoot and score goals - Easy!

Will it fit your faucet? Yes! It is designed to fit more than 98 of all bath tub faucets in the US!

Order this popular childrens bath toy basketball hoop and 3 ball set now. It's totally risk free. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

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  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - kids and toddlers love this fun bathtub basketball toy and will love you for it; comes in a nice box and is a present you can be proud to give
  • BASKETBALL HOOP THAT STAYS UP - unlike suction cup basketball toys that fall off the wall our bath toy is secured to the bathtub faucet with our exclusive patent-pending SecureStay design so our basketball goal stays up even when your future sports star dunks!
  • BEST EASY TO CLEAN KIDS BATH TOYS - unlike most water toys for boys and girls that have holes for mold our basketball goal is specially designed to be easy to clean; our UPDATED BALLS are mini toy plastic basketballs that have no holes and the hoop and rim have no sealed spots for mold to hide in - just soak, rinse and you're done
  • SAFE FOR KIDS & ENVIRONMENT- certified bpa free, phthalate free and lead free this fun basket ball tub game is an indoor hoops sport toy safe and recommended for play by children 2 years old and up
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Order this basketball bath toy set today 100 Risk Free. 60 Day Return on all 3 Bees and Me toys. We stand behind our toys!

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Set of 20 Floating Bath Toys, Sea Animals Squirter Toys for Boys and Girls, Assorted Sea Animals Friends, Squeeze to Spray! Tons of Fun, Great for Kids & Toddlers by Dimple

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Bath Time Fun
Bath time doesnt have to be a chore! With these fun bath accessories, your child will look forward to splashing about in the tub with their new bath buddies! These toys are the perfect size and shape for a growing childs hands, and are animals and shapes they will instantly recognize! Fill them up with water and hear them giggle as they squirt it in the air! With tons of fun colors and interesting shapes, your child will fall in love with them. And since they are made of a durable non-toxic vinyl, this toy will provide hours of bath time fun!

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  • 20 ASSORTED FUN AND COLORFUL SHAPE: These fun shapes are sure to make bath time fun. The 20 assorted sea animal and shapes along with the bright colors are really a blast to use!
  • SQUEEZE TO SPRAY: These toys are simple to use! Just submerge the toy under the water and let it fill up. When it is full, bring it out of the water and squeeze it. Then watch the water spray around!
  • HIGH QUALITY FOR YEARS OF FUN: Made with high quality non toxic plastics, these toys will last for a long time. As your child get older, they will still love playing with their bath time buddies that will still keep their shape and color!
  • IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Let your child's imagination soar with this 20 piece bath set! Playing with toys of different shape and size allow children ages 1 and up to explore their creativity in many ways.
  • GUARANTEED SMILES! We know that our products will be an asset to any playroom classroom or toy room and we stand behind the quality of our products. All Dimple toys come standard with a 1-year comprehensive warranty on craftsmanship.

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Moluk Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy

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A clever bath toy with a bit of magic and a bit of learning built right in. Submerge the Plui Rain Cloud to fill it with water. Pull it out and a gentle rainfall begins. But, put your finger over the hole on the top and the waterfall magically stops. Move your finger and rain starts again. Simple physics creates a simply fascinating and engaging tub toy that will entertain for hours. Helps develop motor skills and an understanding of cause and effect while it stimulates curiosity, imagination and a childs senses. Made from the highest quality ABS, the Rain Cloud has a hidden release mechanism so a parent can open and clean it so theres no mess, mold or mildew. For ages 2.

Kid O Toys, the leader in contemporary developmental and educational toys, makes learning look like childs play. Dedicated to child enrichment through toys that promote and nurture creativity and discovery, we make toys that are designed to delight and engineered to endure. Toys with open-ended play that engage young minds, set imaginations free and celebrate a childs innate brilliance. At Kid O, safety is paramount. Always PVC, Phthalate, BPA and lead free, our toys are tested by independent laboratories and conform to all US and European standards. We make learning look like childs play.

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  • A charming and smart bath toy with a touch of magic; fill it with water, let it rain and then stop the flow with a touch of a finger to the top hole
  • Simple physics, simply fascinating; illustrates the cycle of water and turns kids into little rain makers
  • Made from the highest quality ABS, a hidden mechanism in the Plui Cloud allows parents to open it for easy cleaning; no mess, mold or mildew
  • Helps develop motor skills, understanding of cause and effect, stimulates curiosity, imagination and the senses
  • For ages 2

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Tub toys for kids